A very good way to treat OCD

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. And if not very well, because you struggle with your OCD or other things in life, then I hope that you are at least well enough!

Today, I would like to ‘show’ you something that I found some time ago on the internet. I would like to remind you of my recent excerpts 6 and 7 of my novel (if you have read them), in which it comes across how some parents treat their kid(s) suffering from OCD. Well, I’ve got to be fair and mention that in Sonja’s case, the parents didn’t actually know that what she ‘had’ was a real mental illness. I still do feel about her case, though, that her father went over the top with his choice of treatment as he left one – important – thing out, as mentioned at the end of excerpt 7.

Now take a look at this video in which mother Andrea treats her then 3-year-old boy Rafael, who has been diagnosed with OCD, perfectly. I know (well I am pretty sure although not 100%) that she has been educated on this mental illness and she is aware of it pretty much and understands Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

If you are a parent and have noticed your child (the earlier you notice the better!!) showing symptoms of OCD, please watch this carefully. It is very helpful in my opinion and could give you and your child a great chance to ‘contain’ their OCD.

This mother is doing such a good job as she is firm but loving at the same time!

Take care everyone xx


2 thoughts on “A very good way to treat OCD”

    1. Thank you for your comment again, Martin! I agree, it’s a really beautiful way to deal with little Rafael. I am very confident that Mom Andrea (as well as Daddy) will be able to ‘save’ him from his OCD!

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