Excerpt 4 – ‘Cheers’, Dad loving me and non-related

‘Cheers’, Dad loving me and non-related

… … …

We arrived at the disco.
The night started typically slowly. Not many people were dancing. But soon, everybody seemed to be moving.
And then, Rebecca suddenly stood next to me. Smiling.
She was rather a shy girl and wasn’t conspicuous in either behavior or dress. I would have judged that her self-confidence was not the strongest – just like mine.
She put her arm over my shoulder.
“Shall we try everything tonight?” she asked, pulling me towards the bar.
Huh? Was she having a particular desire which I knew only too well: Looking to be popular and part of the group?
I also put my arm around her.
“Yeah, why not. Let’s do it,” I said.
We ordered our first drink, called ‘Limes’. It tasted awful. But never mind. The purpose was to try everything.
We ordered Tequila. We were given a small glass and a slice of lemon in addition. We had no idea what to do but just downed the shots.
It tasted even more awful than the Limes and made me shake myself like a wet dog.
It was horrible. But never mind. The purpose was to try everything!

Everybody who was around us, watching, seemed to like what we were doing, finding Rebecca and me cool and funny.
We both smiled at each other and went on to the dancefloor.
The first effect of the alcohol hit straight away as I felt slightly dizzy. It was actually nice how everything turned around a little in my head. I was giggling and wanted to drink more.

I grabbed Rebecca by her arm and we went to the bar again.
We ordered Bacardi and Coke and drank it quickly.
It tasted awful!
I saw that some guys were observing us by the bar. It didn’t take long before I also saw them on the dancefloor. Right next to us.
And it only took another few moments before I felt a hand on my bum.
“Get off!” I shouted.
A couple of seconds later, I felt that damned hand touching me again. I shoved it away and looked with very angry eyes at the guy.
I got really pissed off.
The girls calmed me down and I then tried to just enjoy the music and carry on dancing.
“Where is Jessica, actually?” I shouted into Rebecca’s ear.
The music was over-baring.
It had suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t seen Jessica for a little while.
“I don’t know,” Rebecca shouted back.
“I’m going to have a look around, I’ll be back in a minute,” I shouted.

I searched the whole disco for Jessica. Every now and again, I needed to hold myself against something. It hadn’t been very long at all since Rebecca and I had had our first drink.
As I couldn’t find Jessica anywhere inside, I tried outside.
I stepped into the car park. There were quite a lot of people standing and sitting on the ground. It was a beautiful summer’s night as it was still very warm with only a light breeze. I had come to the disco with no jacket and just a short dress. I didn’t feel cold at all.

Bizarrely, I still couldn’t find Jessica anywhere. I actually started getting a little worried.
There was only one place that I hadn’t looked for her yet and that was where she had parked her car. It was a little further away from the entrance of the disco and so I walked between lots of other cars, holding myself on them.
And then, I could see Jessica’s car from the distance. Even though I was drunk, I thought I could clearly see that the car was moving. In a funny way. In a VERY funny way!
It was jiggling back and forward.
“Dear me, now I get it,” I said to myself. “That’s why she wanted to drive so much tonight!”
I went back inside the disco and once I came past the bar, I saw Rebecca already queuing for the next order.
“A Tequila, please. The one without the lemon,” she shouted over to the barman.
“Two, please!” I shouted, having just got next to her.
It tasted awful. But never mind. The purpose was to try everything!

“So have you seen Jessica?” Rebecca shouted into my ear.
“No. Err, yes. Or, no, not really,” I shouted back.
“So what then? Which one is it? Yes or no?” Rebecca shouted.
“Well, I do know where she is, but… I haven’t actually seen her. Not really. Just some shadow through the steamed up windows of her car,” I shouted.
“Unh? What do you mean?” Rebecca shouted, seemingly puzzled.
“I mean that she is busy!” I shouted.
And then Rebecca got it.
“Oh no, not another one-night-stand?” she shouted.
I shrugged my shoulders and nodded at the same time.
Rebecca and I went onto the dancefloor again. We danced for a little while, shaking the alcohol in our bodies around.
After a couple of songs, we staggered back to the bar.
“And, what would you like this time, girls?” the nice and good looking barman asked.
Rebecca might have felt similarly about him. I definitely enjoyed the attention we got from him, each time we ordered – when we were cool.
“Vodka and Coke,” we shouted over to him.
Again, we drank quickly and it tasted awful.
“We should try without the Coke, maybe,” Rebecca suggested.
I wasn’t so sure about whether that would make a difference but I didn’t really care.
“Okay. Whiskey, please. Neat!” I shouted to the barman.
And still, it tasted awful!

We went back to the dancefloor, even though there wasn’t so much dancing by me anymore. Nor by Rebecca. I wasn’t even sure what kind of movement she made as I struggled to pay attention. My head felt extremely dizzy and I almost thought I would be sitting in a carrousel or so.
I enjoyed the feeling. I was having fun. Giggling around non-stop.
Rebecca asked me to go to the bar again. It had probably only been one hour and a bit since we had started our drink-festival.
All I had eaten, before going out, was some self-cooked vegetable meal with cheese.
Rebecca must surely have been pissed as well but she still seemed to be able to manage the walking a little better than me. Maybe the reason for that was down to the difference in our weights. We were almost exactly the same height but Rebecca was a very, very big girl.

Once by the bar again, we decided to have another two Tequilas each, with lemon slices and salt on the hand. They had caused the best reaction from all the other people around.
I downed my first Tequila, licked the salt off my hand and bit into the lemon.
Funnily, it did NOT taste awful. It was alright.
When I had the second one, I tasted nothing.
The carrousel was turning faster and faster. I couldn’t even find my way back to the dancefloor. I lost Rebecca and didn’t care about anything, really. I giggled a bit more and once I saw a bench, somewhere next to a wall, I decided to lie down. I was tired.
And then, I wasn’t aware of what was happening. I was somewhere far away from everybody, in my turning carrousel.

Without having noticed what went on, I believed I was in the restroom of the disco. Some yellow walls were around me and I was facing a white toilet bowl. The seat was up and somebody was holding my hair back. I heard a voice.
“Stick a finger down your throat!” it urged me.
“Jessica?” I burbled.
“Come on now, stick a finger down your throat. PLEASE!” she kept urging me.
I didn’t understand why she wanted me to do that.
“Or shall I do it?” she asked.
No, she shouldn’t. I didn’t want ANY finger down my throat. I just wanted my peace and close my eyes again.

The next thing I noticed were some straps around my arms and shoulders. I was lying on something. I heard some very diffuse voices of people around me but hardly understood any word. Only at some point, when one man spoke very energetically to me and asked how I was health insured. He certainly annoyed me with such a trivial little matter, and I told him to ask me the next day about it.
Just at the moment when I felt the stretcher being lifted, as the people around me were about to put me into the ambulance, I had a blurred vision of Rebecca, some distance away from me, as she was crawling on all fours around the car park.
Good girl, she was ‘fine’!

When I woke up again, I was in a weird kind of bed. I sat up.
I saw lots of white furniture around me, some glass partitions that divided the big room into smaller sections and I spotted a woman in a sky-blue uniform just before she disappeared somewhere.
I looked down at myself in my white bed. The cloth that covered me seemed to be a use-once-duvet. Some cable-thingies were attached to me – a drip stood next to me, its needle inserted into my right arm.
Goodness gracious me, where the hell was I?
I concluded that I must have been drinking too much. And suddenly, I noticed my most urgent issue: I needed a pee. Desperately!
“Hello?” I called out loud.
I didn’t recognize my own voice. It sounded deep and rough.
“Hellooo?” I called again.
Nobody answered. Maybe I didn’t call loudly enough but that was all I was capable of.
“Hellooo!” I croaked once again.
Still, nobody replied and nobody in a hospital-uniform turned up. I was just sitting in that neon-light bright observation room by myself and bloody needed a pee.

Despite nobody being around who could have told me where the toilets were, I decided to get up and search for them myself. I grabbed the metal stand of the drip, made sure that I didn’t rip off the tube and started pushing it next to me. I made my way out of the room and down a corridor.
When I finally found a WC, I more or less stumbled inside. I needed to support myself with both hands and arms to not fall over. I was actually still drunk.

I had the feeling I was peeing for a whole minute.
Once I emerged, relieved, from the toilet, a woman in hospital-uniform was already approaching as she appeared to have been looking for me.
She took me back into that observation room and asked a few questions. Without really knowing what I had answered, I watched her removing the drip from my arm. Then she escorted me into a proper hospital room. She showed me the bed I was supposed to get in and told me that the breakfast next to it was for me. She left the room as I was holding myself on the railing of the foot end of ‘my’ bed.
I felt unsteady. I looked at a woman who was sitting up in the other bed of the room. Some big eyes were staring at me. I could clearly see how they were checking me out.
The woman and I could have been in a scene from one of the best comedies.
I felt as if I could see all sorts of thought bubbles popping up above her head, as she was wondering:


Where do YOU come from?

What are you doing here?

And why the hell are you bare foot???


Admittedly, she was absolutely entitled to be shocked by the appearance of her new fellow patient:
I had lost my stilettos, was tottering despite holding on to my bed, was only wearing my short summer dress and my hair was a big mess.
I followed her stare and looked down at myself. I saw a stained dress, legs that were smeared with mud and feet that were rather black than skin colored.
Did the woman think that I was a bum who had been drinking too much and been wallowing around in the streets all night long?

While sitting on my bed, I tried to eat my breakfast. My hands and fingers were like powerless rubber and I couldn’t open the chocolate drink. I had no chance as there wasn’t any place to stick the straw, so I had to miss out on it. I did manage to open some biscuits and a yogurt with my teeth, though.

And then, I started feeling bad. Physically as well as in my mind. I felt that I had maneuvered myself into a really embarrassing situation. I wanted to get home to the girls’ house as soon as possible.
I left my bed and asked the friendly nurse if I could please go home. She again asked me a few questions about how I was feeling and I pretended that I was fine.
“Use the phone over there by the wall and call your friend to pick you up. You cannot go home alone,” the nurse said.
And so I went to the phone. I honestly struggled even getting the handset up to my ear. It just felt so heavy.
Thankfully, I remembered the number of the sixth floor of the girls’ house and so I dialed it.
I heard several rings.
“Hello?” a girl’s voice said.
My words still sounded very croaky when I said my name.
“Is that Marina?” I asked.
“Yes. But sorry, who are you?” she asked me back.
I said again who I was and apologized for my voice. I confirmed that it was really me and that I was not deliberately speaking so oddly.
“Can you please wake Jessica and tell her that she should pick me up from the hospital now?” I asked.
Marina didn’t seem to know that I was in hospital. I briefly explained why I had ended up there.
“And from which hospital?” she asked.
I hadn’t thought about the fact that there were loads of hospitals in Munich, and I didn’t know which one I was in.
There was no sign of its name around in the corridor. At least I didn’t notice any.
“No idea. I really don’t know where I am,” I said. “But Jessica must know. So if you just tell her to pick me up, she’ll remember from last night. I’ve been told that she was here.”

Less than forty-five minutes later, Jessica turned up.
As soon as I saw her coming around the corner of the corridor, I smiled. She opened her arms.
“My dear, what were you up to last night!?” she said.
I didn’t bother asking what SHE had been up to. I was just so happy to see her and that she gave me a big hug and took me home.

Once in my room in the girls’ house, I didn’t want to do anything other than go to bed. I wanted to sleep and have my peace. From everybody.
Given that it was a Saturday and still relatively early during the day, I was expecting a phone call from Mom at some point. She regularly called me on Saturdays.
Since recently, it had been possible to have a private landline in each room. Every girl who wanted one, and was happy to spend DM100 on getting the line installed, could get one. I had mine a little while ago as well as a simple plastic phone. Mom had already called me several times on it and I had been able to lie comfortably on my bed and talk to her.

I decided to call Mom straight away, to be able to go to sleep peacefully for the rest of the day.
I knew that my parents were going to find out about my binge and where I had stayed the previous night, because I was health insured via them. Dad was going to see the bill.
There was no point in even considering hiding anything from them.

I dialed my parents’ number. I was feeling extremely low and pulled myself together to not let them notice the terrible state I was in.
Dad picked up after some rings and told me that Mom wasn’t at home. So I confessed to Dad and prepared him for some special bill with some possibly unusual remarks on it.
“And why have you done that?” Dad asked.
He spoke with such an unusually soft voice. He wasn’t angry at all.
I hadn’t actually expected too much anger from him but neither that he would ask me for a reason, to try and understand why I had been drinking so much.
“I don’t know, really,” I said. “Rebecca and I just wanted to try a little bit of everything. It was spontaneous.”
Dad sounded as if he laughed slightly – in a nice way. Rather smiling than laughing.
“Well, we’ve all done that at some point in our lives. But I hope you’ve learned from it!” he said.
Had I just heard right? Or was I still so very pissed? Dad sounded so understanding and caring! I was pleased about his reaction but he almost didn’t feel like the real him to me. He sounded so warm. Too warm!
He said that he would tell Mom about everything when she would get home.
“I’ll call you back myself in about half an hour if she hasn’t turned up by then. Just to ask how you are. I guess you’re alone in your room?” he said.
It was unbelievable: Dad really seemed to be worried about me because I had just come back from hospital.
“Okay, but don’t wait too long before you call. I am so tired, I’d like to sleep,” I said.
And Dad agreed.

I waited twenty-five minutes. Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight minutes. I struggled a lot. I felt charmed by Dad and him wanting to ask me how I was feeling. He wanted to make sure I was fine.
Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, I knew I was unable to stay awake much longer.
What I wanted to avoid was being called while asleep and possibly being shocked by the noise of my phone.

I waited twenty-nine minutes, thirty and thirty-one.
Then, I couldn’t wait anymore. I believed that Mom hadn’t returned home and so Dad must have decided to wait for her a little longer. I didn’t mind not speaking to her at all, at that moment, as Dad could inform her about me. I just wanted to sleep.
Thirty-two minutes had gone past and then, I pulled my phone’s cable out of the socket. That way, I wasn’t going to be shocked by any ringing.
I was determined to call my parents some time later when feeling better and turned around in my bed. I just about managed to take off my dress, as well as my bra, without bothering to put on any pajamas. It was going to be another hot day anyway.
Then I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next time I woke up, somebody had knocked on my door.
I opened my eyes, glanced at the ceiling and blinked two or three times. I lifted my head slightly and saw two tall and solid men in uniform, with guns, truncheons and handcuffs around their waists, as they were standing in my doorway.

… … …





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