Flash fiction

Here is my second piece of flash fiction – I entered a contest run by a literary agent. I didn’t win, but I still like my piece :). The five prompt words were “old”, “school”, “thief”, “side” and “down”.

A piece of flash fiction has to be a story, consisting of 100 words or fewer:


Charles is malnourished. Same thing every cold season.
He resides in a hole in the hall of the school.

The bell rings. Students arrive.
Breaking news: The exam papers have been stolen.


Charles pricks his ears as the hall’s loudspeakers crackle.
“Reward for any hint to catch the thief!”

Students queue for the police officer.
No success.
Suddenly, everybody looks down.
“A mouse!”
“I’ve witnessed the theft.”
Officer: “Your full name, please?”
“Charles Colin Theodore Vincent.”
“Just call me CCTV.”

Arrest made. Reward of cheese for life given. Charles is no longer malnourished.

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