Flash Fiction

Today, I wrote my first piece of flash fiction. Flash fiction ideally consists of 100 words only, or fewer. And it is prompted by some words. The prompts given to me for this were “flash”, “home”, “new”, “cry” and “war”. This is a 99-word-piece. (I got a like from a literary agent on Twitter for it. Yay 🙂 ! ):

He wakes up, bathed in sweat. Glances to his right: his wife illuminated by the flashing moonlight.
“Now I get it,” the officer whispers.

Officer: “Why are you here?”
Guy: “We need a new country.”
“You want to stay and make Canada your home?”
“No, we already ARE at home.” He puts his arm around his girl, holding her tight.
The officer frowns. “Don’t mess around. Immigration is war – the most civilized.”
“I don’t.”
“Send them back!”
The girl starts to cry.

His wife still asleep.
“I haven’t held her for years. My God, I’m not at home!”

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