The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 1 (a)

Hi everyone,

So glad you are stopping by, thank you :-)!

Here is stage 1 of The Grand Return To Europe. 4 mins and a few seconds of a creation I have made to summarize the last two years I spent in Canada. This morning, I left Calgary, Alberta, and travelled west. I know, it’s actually quicker to get to Europe the other way, but this is how I’m going ;).

I’m in British Columbia at the moment, but let’s watch this video first. Don’t forget to switch on the sound. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 1 (a)”

  1. Nice video !! Nice photos too ! Can’t beleive it’s 2 years already. Time flies !!
    Keep us updated about your trip. Kiss

    1. Hi Tea, thank you so much for commenting! I’m glad you liked the video and photos. That’s why I like making and taking them :). Yeah, 2 years, I can’t believe it either… time flies indeed!

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