The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 1 (b)

This is the first piece that I wrote for Calgary. It was published in a newsletter:

Oh Calgary – Can you be my home?

You were sparkling and dazzling in the summer’s hot and oh so bright sunshine, when I first spotted you.
You looked so very pretty as I was so tired – tired from travelling, tired from looking for a home.
The train had dropped me off some four hours north of you and now, as I was heading towards you, I was bouncing in an old, worn out seat that kept me awake to not miss my first glance.

What did it feel like for all the others around me? Those who were sleeping in their seats, and those who were relentlessly typing on their keyboards, not caring at all about taking a look since you weren’t foreign to them.
What did it feel like for them, what did YOU feel like?

I have been looking for one for years and years. A location to live and love – somewhere that would embrace and love me back. Some were friendly, some were rough. I had been running from them in pain, fear and disappointment. And now, oh Calgary, here I am, a stranger from a land so far away.

I love your beauty, adore your kindness and admire your voices. You sound so thoughtful when you ask me “Ma’am, can I give you a hand”. You make me smile when you invite me for a trip in the fare free zone. And I am heartened that you actually hear, care and appreciate when I wish you a good day!

I had lost belief and filled up with gloominess. I didn’t trust I would ever find what I call home. The love I got from someone who cares has led me to reduce what I was worried about – a physical home that I love and waits for me when I return.
It’s made me understand that home is not just a place but rather a feeling.

But please, oh Calgary, you are my hope.
Would you please try and be that missing piece to make the whole complete?
Oh Calgary, I beg you, can you be my home?


This is the second piece I wrote for Calgary. Also published in the same newsletter:

Oh Calgary – What can I give you in return?

I want so much, I have my wishes and asked for you to be my home. I feel so bold, I feel demanding, but what I have is very little.
I had some bags, just what I carried, some while ago when I arrived.

Oh Calgary, please make me yours and let me stay, give me friends and give me work. And tell me, please, what can I give you in return?

Your colors made me fall in love – you changed your dress and looked so golden. Your lovely Bow, how did you know, is nothing less than perfect to reveal.
You friendly thing, you talk so sweet. I still cannot believe all this is real!

The days get short, the nights so long. But nothing frightens, your lights are warm. It’s Christmas soon, the kids are thrilled; their eyes are gleaming, it gives me joy to see them be.
I wish I could just do the same – let go my worries, be free of them.
I’m not a child, this seems a problem. Am I allowed to make my wishes?

Oh Calgary, what do you want? Please speak to me, what is your wish?
I’d love to give right from my heart – it’s something that is part of me.

I wish you love and happiness, for all your souls and voices. I swear I’ll try my best: will treat you well with head and heart.
Let me know and I’ll be yours, oh Calgary what can I give you in return?

Merry Christmas everyone!


Okay, now that is history. I left Calgary this morning at 7:30am. Boyfriend and I are staying for a night in a shitty hotel in British Columbia. We had enough of traveling by bus today, 9.5 hours.

Here are 2 pictures from today (only taken with our phone, so their quality is NOT the best).

1.) Me this morning at 6:30am, waiting for our departure at the coach station. We had coffee while waiting.

2.) From on the bus as we were crossing the Canadian Rockies.


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