The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 2

Today we left Kamloops, British Columbia.

We stayed in a kinda rubbish hotel since we wanted to be careful with the money (Well, I particularly wanted, because I’m the one who watches costs all the time… Boyfriend wouldn’t be quite like that, but hey, it’s HIS money I’m looking after since I’ve got zero myself. (Yes, this is sadly true, and yes, Boyfriend is THAT kind to me, and yes, I want to give back once my book will have made a million, so I can buy a house for him and me. )).

One of three lights worked, the outside of the toilet bowl was all run-down-yellow, and mold surrounded the sink. Oh well, at least the tap was shiny…

While traveling further through British Columbia, the weather was most beautiful, and I was amazed at how far spring has advanced in this province. It felt like skipping a season or entering a jungle. Calgary, Alberta, as part of the Canadian prairies, was well behind, with trees still looking like leaf-less wire when we left, yesterday.

We only spent 4.5 hours on the bus today, it was going fast. So fast that I was worried we’d tilt to the side. Boyfriend always said everything was fine.

I didn’t see any animals in the countryside, like a moose or bear (we did see one moose last summer while on the train, moving to Calgary!), just lots of flies smashed on the coach’s windscreen.

Here are some pictures:

Boyfriend’s bed this morning (he’s so tidy, isn’t he?):

My bed this morning (this means my dreams are more interesting!):

Our lunch bag today:

Me at breakfast:

Boyfriend at breakfast:

Boyfriend carrying his 4 bags. You can’t see the fourth, it’s dangling at his front (This was a really hard morning work-out, my shoulders are SO red.):

View Of The Day:

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