The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 3

Hi everyone! So nice of you to stop by again :)!

I didn’t have internet on the trains I was on, at least not on the computer (only phone, for some ‘slow’ reason). And during the last two days, there was no signal at all. So here is what I wrote for this post while offline:

3 May 2018:

So we got to Vancouver by bus last night. I had already been there, but that was 18 years ago when I travelled parts of the US and Canada with a camping group.
And I remembered it to be so very different…

At the time, there was a tour guide who knew where to go to, what to show us. I was 23 years old.

Last night, I was 41. Yes, FORTY-ONE, I can’t believe it either!

Vancouver is, apparently, the most expensive city in North America – at least regarding real estate. Does that mean everyone wants to live there?
I couldn’t see why, last night, and was kind of surprised. Even disappointed.

It didn’t take more than 10 minutes and we’d already been asked five times for money.
The dirt and garbage in the streets reminded me of the rough areas of Paris. All that around downtown and one of the central stations.

Well, we were pleased we only had to walk five minutes from the bus station to our hostel (we decided to stay there, and one of the reasons was that we were going to have to leave from the same station at 5:30am this morning, having to arrive at 4:30am since we were going to cross the border to the US).

And then, I really felt I was FORTY-ONE (The last time I had stayed in a hostel I was around 25).
The guy at reception smiled at me: “How’s it going?”
Look at those teeth… I mean, no, NO teeth…!

Boyfriend and I had separate rooms. Female and male dormitory. Okay, we knew that.
But the rest we didn’t know… What a shit hole.

Here are a few pictures:

These kinds of beds:

This kind of shower (I skipped showering!!!):

This kind of sink (Does it look like a yard to the tap? If so, then your impression is pretty good! My back hurt so much after having washed my face… told ya I was 41.):

This morning, I woke up at 3:12am. The room, with five women sleeping (or not!) in there was so muggy, I had to escape. Went into guys’ room, woke Boyfriend, and off we went.
I had never appreciated a Tim Hortons at half past three in the morning before. I don’t even like such sweet things too much, but THIS morning, ha ha…

We left Vancouver at 5:30am and came to the US border at 6:45am. I was excited to enter, to be honest. Even though I was sad at the same time… our Canadian dream hadn’t come true.

I got a very nice tweet from a Reider this morning, and she used the term “bittersweet journey”. That’s it! That describes this all too well! Thank you very much, Reider!

We reached Seattle’s train station and got on our train straight away. Now, I’m lounging here in our sleeper compartment, typing and enjoying the scenery.
We’re already (at 6:15pm PT) half way down Oregon (so Google maps says). We’ll hit California in just a few hours, can you believe it? I mean CALIFORNIA! That’s a few climate zones hotter than Calgary and surely sounds like a holiday to me ;).

I love this train trip!

Here are some more pictures from today:

This is the only decent picture I have of Washington State (taken from on the train of course). Hellos and waves to everybody from Washington šŸ™‚ :

On the train:

Key words for Washington State: green

Oregon. Hellos and waves to everybody from Oregon (Hello QOTKU!):

Columbia River (Border between Washington and Oregon):

A bit further into Oregon:

View of the day (sorry Boyfriend, I just HAD to… you know that I love photography…):

(In reality, his butt does actually NOT look this big, but the camera on our relatively cheap phone does this, and I find it awesome… unless this was MY ass!)

P.S. I am a little disappointed at the quality of these pictures, how they seem to come out on this blog. They all appear sharp on the computer but not quite so once I’ve inserted them in here.


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