The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 4 (a)

Same again as in the post I published earlier today: I had no internet access for a while but wrote something offline. Here it is:

4 May 2018:

Stage 4.

“Hello, hello!” I heard a voice. “Ten minutes to go!”
“What? TEN minutes?”
“Yes, Ma’am, ten minutes, Sacramento in TEN minutes!”

I had only just realized where I was – in the very narrow top of a compartment bed on a train – and managed not to bang my head.
I wrapped my head around the edge of my ‘bed’ and looked down. Boyfriend still there, thank goodness (cause you never know when you wake unexpectedly…)

“What’s the time then?”
“Only twenty past five, they must have made up time, somehow.”
That’s why our alarm was also still asleep.

We were supposed to arrive at 6:15AM, but now I had to race. Hey, Mr. Conductor, why the hell do you only wake me up ten minutes before I have to get off the train?

I jumped down from my bed, missed Boyfriend’s head (*phew*), stepped into my pants, and ran downstairs, trying to fit in a pee. Back up, I stuffed my bags, grabbed my big case, hit it for the umpteenth time into the two bruises on my thigh, and stumbled off the train.
(Mr. Conductor didn’t even help me but just watched!)

Welcome to Sacramento, California! Hellos and waves to everybody from California :).

I made sure I wouldn’t get too hot:


Wow, sky was all red, sun rising, heard a cricket play his legs, spotted a palm tree in the far distance … and aaaaall was good.

From now onwards, we will travel east, east, east. All the way until Europe, coming through plenty of US states and 8 different time zones.

More pictures from today:

We changed trains in Sacramento, from Coast Starlight to California Zephyr. We had about 5 hours in Sacramento and went for a good stretch around downtown:

When we got on the California Zephyr, we travelled from California to Nevada. We crossed Nevada all afternoon and evening until about midnight, I believe. Then, we hit Utah, which we crossed mainly overnight. I got up at 5:45am, ready for the sunrise and took pictures all day long, right until we reached Colorado in the afternoon. Will have to get them onto the computer first before posting. I will do that tomorrow, probably, in Stage 4 (b)

Key words for California: From palm trees to snow.

Key words for Nevada: paint box with lots of different browns in it. I never got enough of watching Nevada!

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