The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 4 (b)

Hi everyone and thank you very much for following my trip back to Europe 🙂 !!!

Last night, I didn’t finish putting photos on my blog, so here are A LOT more, telling the train journey through California, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado. I hope you enjoy them.

During our 5-hour-stay in Sacramento:

Just to prove that I was really, really in California:

Okay, let’s get back on the train then:

Boyfriend is still trying to read and figure out where we are 😉 :

On the train again:

Snow in Sierra Nevada, California:

That was California.

Key words for California: From palm trees to snow.

And now we’re crossing into the state of Nevada, welcome. Hellos and waves to everyone from Nevada:

I love these old posts (I don’t know if they have a specific name):

Solar panels:

And then it was night while we were travelling to Utah. We must have come through Salt Lake City at around 3AM, but I didn’t notice anything of it.

Key words for Nevada: paint box with lots of different browns in it. I never got enough of watching Nevada!


Hellos and waves to everyone from Utah!

This was at about 6AM:

Isn’t it pretty that bright green? Just like in a painting with passion for detail:

Simply amazing how the train is winding through these narrow valleys:

And that was Utah.

Key words for Utah: narrow valleys and winding train, first. Like on Mars, later (as if I would know 😉 ). Plenty of buttes. My favorite state to look at so far. Simply AMAZING!

During the afternoon, we reached the next state, Colorado. Hellos and waves to everyone from Colorado:

Grand Junction, a stop at the altitude of 1397 meters, 4593 feet:

And in this area/valley, people are known for growing fruits:

People raft down the Colorado River:

There is something very special about these people, and I wonder if you can guess. Please let me know in the comments, I’ll reveal it in a different post in a few days. Hint: The moon is always up in this area, and it’s down to its people! They call it “mooning”. Very, very funny people!

At this point, the train was going as slowly as 25 mph:

Fraser Colorado is a stop at the altitude of 2613 meters, 8574 feet:

Key words for Colorado: Well, I feel kind of sorry for Colorado, because it must have been hard for it to top Nevada and Utah, which were breath taking. By the time we got to Colorado, I had probably used all superlatives already. But still, Colorado so much deserves them, TOO!!! Additionally, I’d add “red rocks and much greener than Utah”. Also “high altitudes, tunnels and Rocky Mountains”.

That’s it for today. Thank you so much for looking at my pictures, I appreciate your time!

2 thoughts on “The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 4 (b)”

  1. Hi Katie! Bill and I enjoyed sharing this part of the journey with you. Love your pictures and your writing. I’m anxious to read the rest of your journey… although each day is a journey itself isn’t it? So happy to make your acquaintance. Hugs, Dot

    1. Hey there, Dot! So nice to see you on my blog! Yes, we definitely feel the same about meeting you guys on the train! And I’m so glad you enjoyed my pictures. I’m just about to prepare the next posts. Tomorrow, we’ll be heading for the next stage.

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