#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 6

Train journey from Denver to Washington, DC – 2 nights on the train:

We left Denver by train in the evening at 7:10pm. The next state was Nebraska, and sadly, sadly, I saw nothing of it. It was all dark, as we crossed it overnight. So, I’ve got zero pictures and zero key words for this state. Sorry Nebraska, I’m sure you’re worth a picture and a description!

When we woke up, the sun was shining as we came through the next state: Iowa.

Hellos and waves to everyone in and from Iowa!

We had a chance to hop off the train in Ottumwa:

Do you also love black-and-white photography sometimes? I do (when it works well):

Back on the train, the staff really needed a rest (I showed the guy, who mostly served our table, and told him I’d print him out to hang him up in poster-size in my room… not sure if he believed it, though 😉 ):

Time for lunch. Amtrak uses the same menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner on all trains. I think I’ve had salmon about 5 times (which was actually really good!) and veggie burger 4 or 5 times (which I didn’t like that much but it was the best of the lunch meals for me; salmon was only available in the evening):

Last moment in Iowa. This is the Mississippi and it’ll be Illinois on the other side:

That was Iowa.

Key words for Iowa: very, very flat.

Crossing the Mississippi River:

Welcome to Illinois:

Hellos and waves to everybody from and in Illinois!

And then, first glance at Chicago:

More of Chicago:

We only had a lay-over in Chicago. Pretty short to be honest, something like 3 hours. We mainly stayed inside the station, except for crossing a road once. Does that count as “having been” to Chicago? Not really, I don’t think.

Then we were back on the train and left Chicago and Illinois in the evening.

Key words for Illinois: farming, farming, farming.

Then we rode through the next state, Indiana. Hellos and waves to everybody from and in Indiana.

It was already dark, so I only got a chance to take one picture as I quickly jumped off at this stop (it was drizzling by the way):

Good night and sweet dreams while we were coming through Indiana as well as Ohio! I saw nothing of Ohio :(, just like with Nebraska.

When we woke up again, we were in the next state: Pennsylvania.

Hellos and waves to everyone from and in here!

It became more and more humid. It was so remarkable. The climate in Calgary, Alberta, where I lived the past year, is so much drier!!

And look at that vegetation. Everywhere:

That was Pennsylvania.

Key words for Pennsylvania: very green, not flat anymore but hilly.

Now, welcome to Maryland:

Hellos and waves to everyone from and in Maryland!

Now this was already Maryland. HOWEVER, at this point we were going several times between Maryland and West Virginia. These pictures are from West Virginia:

Hellos and waves to everybody from and in here, of course!

They have cows in West Virginia 😉 :

And trees:

And a famous song, right??

And farms:

That was West Virginia.

Key words for West Virginia and Maryland: humid, humid, humid!

And then, soon after this, we arrived in Washington DC. We’re now going to stay here for a few days.

“See” you in the next post :).

Oh, and by the way: After two nights on the train, Boyfriend and I really needed to shave ourselves. See:

Me after 1 night:

Boyfriend after 1 night:

Me after 2 nights:

Boyfriend after 2 nights:

And this WOULD have been me, after 3 nights, had I not shaved:

And this IS Boyfriend, after 3 nights, cause even though we were off the train last night, he did not shave until this morning:




2 thoughts on “#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 6”

  1. Hope you waved as you went through Toledo Ohio. 👋 That’s where we left the train and drove back to Michigan as we finished this adventure. You are too funny. Your drawings made me giggle.

    1. Awesome! I love making people laugh! Well, I hope, too, that I was waving as we went through Ohio… If so, you probably didn’t see me, it was pitch dark, ha ha. But, surely I did wave from Chicago earlier, across the Lakes, and that wasn’t too far away from Michigan, right!?

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