#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 7

Washington, DC.

The floor started to vibrate each night at around 10pm. I first thought I had pins and needles in my butt and feet when sitting at our computer.

Yeah, Boyfriend and I stayed at another hostel, and it was all my fault… I insisted on this and was happy to keep the costs as low as possible. At least we had our own room, just the two of us, not like in Vancouver, which was the worst kind of hostel possible.

(See pics of stage 3 here if you haven’t yet:)

The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 3

So, the reason why everything in our room was vibrating was that we stayed above a bar that turned into a disco at night. I actually liked the music on Thursday night but not Friday.

“I can’t believe it. What time are they going to shut?”

Boyfriend searched online. “2 AM!”

“What??? And it’s only Thursday night! What about Friday and Saturday?”

Boyfriend searched again: “3 AM!”

I plopped on the bed. Disbelief!

“Well, it’s good that the air conditioning is so loud. We won’t hear the music that much.”

OMG… was he SERIOUS?

“Yeah, it’s just like in Sesame Street. Have you ever watched that?”

“Not sure.” Maybe Boyfriend is too old 😉 .

“There is Ernie who can’t go to sleep cause the tap is dripping. He gets up and turns the radio on. But then he can’t sleep because the radio is too loud, so he gets up again to switch on a mixer in the kitchen (that’s at least what I believe it was!). Of course he still struggles going to sleep, complains by shouting to his friend, Bert. Ernie goes and switches on the vacuum cleaner. Since he still can’t fall asleep, Bert eventually gets up and switches everything off, including that damn water tap!”

I always knew that I am the smart one and Boyfriend the … well, someone else… ha ha. (Sorry Boyfriend, just kidding. Basically…)

Apart from the noise in the hostel, Washington was fun. It’s a beautiful city, and I have taken simply too many pictures. Here are my best ones:

Well, we all know what to find in THIS road, right:

Et voilà (I believe this is the side at which political guests are received, correct?):

On the way around to the other side of the White House, we came past these lovely flowery things:

Here we go, the other side. Tell me, these windows belong to the Oval Office, right?

I personally do NOT like the guy who is currently residing in there, but I still LOVE this building. I was trying to think of all the other presidents that have been in there.

We carried on walking. On Friday, 11 May, the temperature was just about bearable.

You won’t get to see a much bigger flag than this one, I suppose:

Hello Washington Monument:

On the other side of the Washington Monument:

When I had seen this tree and said to Boyfriend that I was going to take a picture of it, he said: “I knew.”

Sorry Boyfriend, you always have to be so patient with me. But THANK YOU for that!!

These guys were having a good time:

They just weren’t bothered by anyone:

Awww, aren’t these cuties (I’m not sure how they could have fun in that water; the still one. It was pretty darn dirty!):

This is the still water:

And then this memorial, the Vietnam War (some people seem to be looking closely for some name(s) they knew). This was touching, I felt that people walking along here were trying to be quiet in respect; I heard people whispering like in a church:

Then we went for dinner. I really liked the place we went to (Is my forehead really THAT huge? Or is it that camera on the cheap phone?):

That was Day 1 in Washington.

Day 2 was really, really hot. 31°C. I tried to stay in the shade no matter how little there was:

In Washington DC, you’ve got time forever to cross the road. In Calgary, the maximum I saw was 18 seconds, I believe:

And then there was this building. IM. PRESS. IVE:

I mean, look at those stairs:

This is NOT my hand writing:

That was Washington, DC. Hello and waves to everyone from and in this nice city!

Tomorrow, Sunday, 13 May, Boyfriend and I will be leaving the American capital and go for the next stage. “See” you there and THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by, reading and looking at my photos.

Here’s The Shot Of The Day. My feet after only 2 days walking through Washington DC:



6 thoughts on “#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 7”

    1. Awesome that you are waiting! The next episode is in the making. I had no internet for one week, recently, can you imagine… THESE days…!?

      The next episode will be a video, so I’m just about to put photos and music together in PowerPoint, before converting it into a video, and this takes a lot of work. But it’s fun and if people (like YOU 🙂 !!!!) are waiting for it, then it’s even MORE fun!

      Thanks Teeteetee!

  1. Bon voyage, Katie! Tell Ernie too… (I think that was who your boyfriend was in the scenario) 😉 I hope you had a chance to see some of the other memorials in D.C. and a couple Smithsonian museums. Come back to visit us in the U.S. anytime! Can’t wait to read your next stage on the boat.

    1. Hey Dot, thank you SO much for continuing to read my blog and look at my pictures! It really motivates me to carry on doing it, cause it does take some effort. I was working on this one last night until 12:30am… I have to resize every single photo that I want to post before doing so. When they come ‘hot’ from the camera (meaning as they are downloaded), they are far too big, the blog wouldn’t let me attach them.

      ‘Ernie’ says thank you and hello to you! Yes, that was Boyfriend in the scenario. (I believe you know his real name, since we’ve chatted on the train for quite a while, but I’m glad you don’t mention it here, because I don’t want our names to be known to anybody here online. It’s kind of one of my OCD-problems. Maybe I’ll explain some time to you in an email. Will email that woman you travelled with and send her our email address (sometime when we will have arrived in Europe), but I also don’t want to mention her name right now. It’s complicated, I know…).

      Today was a weird day. Boyfriend fell down some escalator. Backwards. With all his four bags (we have 7 in total, I always carry 3). It was sooo horrible!!!!
      I had been half way up the escalator and then heard the noise, looked back and couldn’t do a thing. I was too far away from him and could only watch how he struggled to crawl off from the moving escalator. He was bleeding afterwards, I burst out in tears, we finally got a first aid kit from some person who finally cared, and I am utterly grateful that Boyfriend is alive and only a little hurt.

      That was this morning at the bus station, just before we left Washington, DC.

      Cool that you are looking forward to the next stage. It will be New York City, that’s where we are now :).

      Lots of hugs to you and Bill!!!

  2. Hehe seems like you did have fun in DC ! I also uderstand the boyfriend’s patience when someone ‘s photoing !!

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