#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 8

New York City, 13 – 17 May 2018.

Finally, here is stage 8. It’s taken me so long because I couldn’t use our computer for a while, had no internet either, and was simply too busy trying to get settled in the UK (which is where we arrived last Thursday, 24 May 2018.)

Making these videos that I love to make takes a lot of time. I use PowerPoint for it, and so I have a lot of programming to do.

I hope you’ll enjoy these few minutes ‘with me’ in New York (please leave me a comment if you like – thank you! 🙂 ).

Don’t forget to switch on the sound on your device!


10 thoughts on “#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 8”

  1. Nice pics. That is really some adventure. It seems bittersweet for sure… hopefully the next chapter will bring you some great adventures!

    1. Hey Lennon, thank you so much for stopping by on my blog!!
      And I am so glad you liked my pictures :). Thank you again, I am staying positive for the ‘chapter’ :).

  2. Somehow, I missed you were in NYC. I just got back from there last night – I was there from May 15. 🙁 I’m glad you had a good time, but I would have loved meeting you.

    Good luck in Europe. Things will get better.


    1. Oh dear, and I missed that you were there, too!! You must have been there for 2 weeks then. For a holiday?

      How ‘strange’ that we were in the same city but didn’t meet… we even talked about meeting up in Calgary, didn’t we, when there were hundreds of kilometers between us…

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and meeting me here, at least, BJ!!

      1. I was visiting a friend who had knee surgery, to help her out, but I found time to visit a few museums. 🙂 There are so many people in Manhattan, squished into a limited space, it’s almost impossible to run into a specific person. And if you weren’t at the museums I went to, the hospital my friend was at, or in the East Village, we had no chance to just meet. 🙂

        I look forward to stage 9. 🙂

        1. I know… Manhattan just MUST be the most densely populated place in America.

          No, I did not go to your friend’s hospital, I’m afraid.

          Not the same museums probably either.

          One day, we also spent some hours to figure out how to get some laundry done. It was about TIME, cause we hadn’t washed our clothes for 2 weeks 😉 !

          I’m glad you’re looking forward to stage 9. I have decided to make another video of it, so that means it’ll take a while, rather than posting just pictures.
          I have to resize every single photo I use, first, then put them into PowerPoint, then I often frame them, then give them their timings & animations for when and how to appear AND disappear.

          But I LOVE making these videos.
          Particularly if people other than me enjoy them, too :)!

          I hope your friend is a lot better after her surgery. Sounds like YOU are a really good friend, BJ, it’s a looong way from Saskatchewan to NYC!!!

  3. Katie…how exciting! I loved visiting New York City through your video. Sad to see you leave the States but glad you had a safe journey.

    1. Hey Dot, thank you so much for visiting my blog again!! And watching my video!!
      Yes, I (we) was (were) also very sad to leave North America (well, we wanted to stay in Canada but actually loved the US pretty much, too).
      I’m still hanging on to it, somehow. Particularly in the evenings I get sad. And nostalgic about Canada and the US.
      Now it’s evening, there you go ;).

      There will be one more stage (9), and that’ll be the end of #TheGrandReturnToEurope, cause I’m here now.

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