#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 9


Here is stage 9 – the final stage of #The Grand Return To Europe. I know, it’s been ages since stage 8, but I have not managed to put this together until now. I’m really sorry about it :-(. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy these 7 minutes. Don’t forget to switch on the sound of your device!

Katja x

6 thoughts on “#The Grand Return To Europe – Stage 9”

  1. Wow it looked like you had almost the whole ship to yourselves!! The waves creep me out but the rest of it looks fantastic.

    1. Ha, it was where I held my camera ;). You find the most people at lunchtime, when everyone wants to eat the delicious food.
      But, seriously, this is a very good thing about Cunard line: they do NOT overload their ships with people!
      It WAS fantastic :).

  2. Wow this is definitely the best video you’ve ever shown. I’m glad you seemed to enjoy the trip. Anyway for me it feels like it was just yesterday.

    See you soon

    1. Hey, Alex! Glad you enjoyed the video :). And thank you so much for watching it!!
      Yes, I know, time flies, doesn’t it?!

      Bisous, bisous à toi aussi <3

    1. Thank you SO much for your comment Joe, I am SO pleased :)! Glad you liked it.
      Oh well, I don’t have any pictures of Southampton because once we arrived there and disembarked, we had to hurry to board a coach taking us up north.
      But: now that you’re saying this… well, I have pictures of this summer that we spent in the North of England, so, one day, I may put them together as a video as well and post them here :).

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