#TheGrandReturnToEurope – Stage 5

Hey guys, I’m so pleased you’re back here to check out my next stage :). Thank you so much for your time!!

Stage 5 is all about Denver. Boyfriend and I got of the train three nights ago, and we stayed in a proper hotel. Gosh was that expensive, I mean, I feel bad about it… but we couldn’t find anything cheaper, really, unless we would have been happy to walk several miles with our 7 kids (“7 kids”= our bags; we call them kids, cause they have to be guarded in kind of the same way).

Day 1 in Denver:

We finally had the chance to withdraw some American cash. When it had come out, and I held it in my hands, I just thought “Wow, just like Monopoly money… And still the same as the last time… 18 years ago”. Then I smelled it. American money has a typical smell. I love it! (Ha, who doesn’t love the smell of money, but that’s irrelevant in this case.)

View from our hotel room (29th floor – AMAZINGLY high!):

I love American (and Canadian!) number plates:

Denver is a very beautiful city. Honestly, I was surprised about that but can’t tell you why. I loved the skyscrapers and red brick-buildings amongst them. Some looked a little older, and that style just made it all so pretty. Also, Denver is a VERY clean city, WOW! I have seen so many in North America and Southern Europe, and the cleanest I had seen so far (as in BIG cities!) were Munich and Zurich. Now, Denver is just as clean as these two cities. You could almost eat from the floor!


Day 2 in Boulder (about 23 miles outside of Denver, right next to the Rocky Mountains; we took a bus to get there and it cost only $4.50 per journey, with buses running every 15 minutes – great service!):

Boulder is LOVELY. Clean and soooo pretty. If all places in Colorado are like Denver and Boulder, then I must say this is a cool state to live in.

They have such beautiful houses in Boulder:

And accessories 😉 :

Spring was at its peak:

We went for a little hike in these red boulders:

Back in Downtown Boulder, we saw this fire hydrant. Look how shiny even THAT thing is:

And the fountain sinks… You just HAVE to have a drink… and boyfriend was so thirsty after hiking (yeah, he’s an old boy 😉 ):

And I just had to try on a cowboy hat:

When we got back to Denver, in the evening, it was already pretty dark at 8pm, but isn’t it pretty:


Day 3 in Denver again:

We went to Capitol Hill. Okay, some of these pictures are actually from two days ago (because we were already outside the building and took pictures; but we didn’t go inside – it was a Sunday! Today we went inside, and it was amazing):

This is Step 13. It’s famous, because when you stand on Step 13 you are exactly 1 mile above sea level. I think this is just cool! And very high for a city:

Now, let’s step inside the Capitol:

Not a bad walk to the office, eh?

The House of Colorado:

Me in the Senate:

And THEIR fountain sinks are EVEN SHINIER:

And this was the absolute highlight: I asked a few people inside the Capitol if they were politicians. After a few attempts, I was successful and met Representative Lang Sias, a Republican in the House of Colorado. He was very, very nice, and I talked to him, asked him for an autograph (just because I wanted one from an American politician; I hadn’t known him at all!) and then Boyfriend took this picture of him and me (the guy behind us is Martin Luther King… sorry about the quality of this and a few other pictures above… we mainly used only our phone for taking pictures inside the Capitol):


In about an hour’s time, Boyfriend and I will be leaving Denver, jumping back on a train, continuing our journey back to Europe. Please stay tuned if you enjoyed these pics (I hope so 🙂 ).

Oh, and of course, here’s what “mooning” is… crazy American people but sooo hilarious (all passengers on the train started cheering at these wonderful sights):


2 thoughts on “#TheGrandReturnToEurope – Stage 5”

  1. I’m enjoying the journey.
    Boulder by the way is a college town, home of the University of Colorado.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey!! Me, too! And thank you soooo much for your comment. Much appreciated!!

      I’m currently in Chicago, just for a lay-over. Jumping back on the train shortly.

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